Workspace ONE and Azure AD: Part 2

Opening Part 1 of this series opened with the business aspects of making investments in Workspace ONE and Microsoft 365, as well as how to integrate both platforms for adopting new use cases. Part 2 will cover how to create the unified app catalog, providing each of our personas with an “any app, any device, at any time” experience. This function is what enables the vast array of personas to consume a common set of resources from their preferred platform, all with dynamic forms of single sign-on to maintain a healthy security posture. It’s also one of the four key value adds from Workspace ONE Advanced. Architecture Very quickly, let’s remind ourselves of the architecture we’re working from in this series: To quote the excerpt from Part 1: Take notice that the end users begin consuming various services and applications by first launching the Workspace ONE app catalog, regardless of the federated architecture. The value add from this flow is that our users can go to one location, the Unified App Catalog, to consume any application or resource across the […]

Workspace ONE and Azure AD: Part 1

Opening Often times when working with customers, I get the impression that there is a strong sense of confusion when discussing the integration of a platform such as Microsoft 365 with 3rd party ecosystems. After all, an investment in M365 comes with many features and functions, so where do platforms like Workspace ONE fit in? My friends, welcome to my day job and one true passion in life. Remember the saying, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This mini-series is aimed at breaking down the often encountered silos so that you can articulate and deliver a best-in-class end user experience using the analogous functions from two best-in-class platforms: Workspace ONE and Azure AD. We’ll briefly cover the major use cases of stitching these two ecosystems together, and why this fabric is critical to adoption and value realization. Note to reader: The scope of this mini-series will be limited to what you are capable of doing with these platforms today. The partnership announcement will most certainly have a positive impact on the below, and […]