Workspace ONE: Migrating to the Cloud

Having traditionally worked with large Enterprise and Global accounts, it’s often that I begin an engagement designing and deploying an on-premises Workspace ONE environment, but end with a SaaS migration.

Take a look at how you can simply pivot your digital workspace into the VMware Cloud to deliver productivity, continuity and employee experience to your business.

Workspace ONE and Azure AD: Part 3

Part 3 of the Workspace ONE with Azure AD series covers how to expose Azure MFA as an authentication method in Workspace ONE Access policies.

We cover how outbound-only authentication methods function, what the Azure NPS extension is, and how it is leveraged in WS1 conditional access.

Workspace ONE Access Horizon Args

I had an interesting customer use case last week that called for some ingenuity with how we establish Horizon app launch URIs in Workspace ONE Access. In short, a 3rd party agency required management access to retail location IoT devices on a closed network.

Checkout how we can breadcrumb a user experience through Workspace ONE.

Workspace ONE and Azure AD: Part 2

Part 2 of the Workspace ONE with Azure AD series covers how to create the unified app catalog, providing each of our personas with an “any app, any device, at any time” experience.

We dive deep into this key value-add from Workspace ONE required to enable our vast array of personas to consume our vast array of business applications.

Workspace ONE and Azure AD: Part 1

Part 1 of the Workspace ONE with Azure AD series focuses on defining the business value and functional purpose of integration these two platforms.

We define use cases and personas that are typically realized in the field, the architecture used to integrate the platforms, and the core configuration to complete the technical integration.