A Step Into a New Adventure

Sometimes your career takes an exciting turn that doesn’t quite seem “real” until it is. For me, that bitter sweet moment was this past Friday which marked my last day at VMware. The mixed emotions of immediately missing my VMware family and the excitement of working on a new technology seemingly settled in all at once. I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t be where I am today without VMware and that I will greatly miss the people and culture. The good news is I might not be wandering off too far after all…

Monday will be the beginning of my new journey as a Customer Engineer at Google where I will be focused on all things Google Cloud infrastructure. I’m excited to dive deep into GCP compute, networking and storage and to begin working with customers to see how GCP is solving real-world challenges at unprecedented scale. Google Cloud VMware Engine is in scope for an InfraMod CE, so I welcome the opportunity to continue working with VMware customers as they adopt Google Cloud!

What’s Next?

Naturally, the content of VirtualPrivateer will progressively pivot into cloud infrastructure, yet maintain a similar deliverable in terms of structure and outcome. I’m in the middle of a major home lab overhaul and can’t wait to start blogging about what’s been under construction for a few months now. Here’s a few highlights that point to topics that I’ll begin expanding on in the short future:

  1. Automation: All workload deployments are moving to Packer, Terraform and Ansible. I’m anticipating that much of what I run in the lab will need to live in both public and private cloud, so consistency will be key. Checkout my GitHub page for a live look.
  2. Modernization: In addition to adopting IaC in the home lab, I’m also moving many of my existing applications and services into Kubernetes. This will be an elegant, repeatable and distributed architecture across mostly GKE, GKE On-Prem and standalone clusters.
  3. Cost Reduction: This is mostly about moving workloads that I currently run in IaaS to more efficient offerings. First, as mentioned above, most VMs will collapse into Docker containers to run in GKE (no surprise here). Second, I’ll be migrating this blog to a static site on GitHub pages. I’m looking forward to the latter, which should help accelerate content curation, minimize hosting costs, enhance security, and most of all, open source my posts! Looking forward to seeing PRs from the community to keep some of my ‘StepByStep’ posts up to date.
  4. Security: Most of my primary identity needs are now serviced exclusively by Okta. I’ll be moving MFA to FIDO2 WebAuthn to simplify mobile authentication and posturing, as well as removing forward caching proxies for internet access in favor of Suricata IDS/IPS to secure northbound traffic.

Lastly, it’s important to me to wrap up a series that has been ever-evolving over the past year or so: Workspace ONE and Azure AD. Part 4, which covers Windows 10 modern management, is almost complete with mobile platforms as a fast-follow. If you were able to attend VMworld 2020 this year, you’re likely up to speed on several key initiatives from VMware EUC that make the series architecture such a compelling use case for your organization.

Stay tuned for updates in the near future. I’m excited about the next 90 days and eager to start generating cloud infrastructure content for VirtualPrivateer!

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